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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

We have teamed up with Airvia Medical one of the world-leading premium and medical-grade manufacturers of air purifiers. We can now offer you these amazing products for use in your business or home.

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Airvia air purifiers combine eight of the best air filtration technologies and are therefore capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, viruses (including SARS and coronavirus), and other microbes present in the air. This is thanks to the combined power of four technologies/actions:

1. Air circulation

Several studies have shown that proper ventilation helps reduce the spread of germs indoors. Stagnant air is more favourable to viruses and bacteria, capable of remaining in the air for several hours and up to a week on a hard surface.

All AIRVIA Medical air purifiers circulate the air in a particularly efficient way. It starts with their innovative cylindrical design which allows for a 360° air intake system combined with a vertical discharge pressurization system. Fresh, purified air is discharged upwards. Since cold air is heavier (denser), it will descend and create a natural airflow. Simply put, they are harnessing the well-known concept that "hot air rises".

2. UV sterilization

UV rays are well-known for their strong antibacterial power as well as being one of the best alternatives to commercial chemicals. Not only they are extremely effective at destroying bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds, but they do not lead to any bacterial resistance. This explains why they are increasingly becoming the first choice for many medical centres and hospitals.

All purifiers come with a UV lamp that can be turned on and off at will. This function is particularly useful during an epidemic.

3. Photocatalysis sterilization

Photocatalysis is an advanced technology we use to destroy all pathogens with a high rate of success. Photocatalysis is simply an oxidation-reduction reaction which produces molecules that will react with the various germs present in the air, causing them to degrade. It leads to the death of these cells and, thus, their complete destruction.

Note that we use a technology that does not release any ozone whatsoever.

4. Ionisation

And finally, ionisation is also widely recognized for its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. Ionisation is the only “active” filtration method in our devices. Our devices are 2 in 1, acting as both purifier and ioniser. Ionisation works by diffusing negative ions in the air. Due to their electrical polarity, these ions are highly reactive and will seek out and destroy viruses and bacteria. AIRVIA Medical uses particularly powerful ionisation technology to generate more than 20 million negative ions at the output. In conclusion One can now better understand the name of our brand "AIRVIA Medical" which refers to the anti-germ action of our air purifiers. They combine 8 different filtration technologies from the medical and research world.

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