Control of Cross-Contamination

We are fully certified by Cleanlogic & the BISSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) on the control of cross contamination in all cleaning settings.

We are trained in the control of cross-contamination and will ensure that when carrying out any antibacterial or antiviral cleaning services to your business or home that the highest care is taken not to cross contaminate. This includes

  • Use of colour coded disposable cloths for specific areas and treatments

  • Storage of equipment in colour coded bins

  • All waste double bagged and colour coded for correct disposal

  • Safe area creation in all premises

  • our teams are equipped with the correct PPE and RPE

  • Staff and PPE are cleaned before and after application

  • Correct disposal of all non reusable PPE

All cleaning material will be double bagged, colour coded and removed from your premises and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Our deep cleaning fogging decontamination can be delivered to the following:

  • Education Establishments

  • Government Buildings

  • The Health & Care Sector

  • Retail Outlets

  • Offices

  • Leisure Facilities

  • Transport

  • Food Processing

  • Agricultural

  • Businesses

  • Private Homes

  • Vehicles

It is important that now more than ever we use high quality cleaning products that are fit for purpose and that we do not use inferior cheap products. This is a challenging time and sanitising and disinfection must be taken seriously to avoid cross contamination. Many of our products are tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 13697 and will kill 99.99% of all known pathogens, including COVID-19

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